Privacy Policy

Accuracy and updated information
We make every effort to keep website information updated; however, in some cases, a website may not reflect current actual details (for example, a girl is listed as available today, but she may be booked already).
Monitoring of Websites
Like most websites, we use server logs and third-party analytics software to track how our customers operate our website to fully understand how to make the service faster and more user-friendly. The data we collect is analyzed.
Information Exchange
We never share personal identifying information with any other companies. Except as provided in this policy or as required by law, we may share statistical data about our sales, traffic patterns, and related website information with reputable third parties, but these statistics contain no personal data. Where relevant, we share user experience information or other personally identifiable information about customers with trusted third parties, agents, and business partners to achieve our goals of customer personalization and site design and user experience improvement.

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