Terms and Conditions

Nothing meant to imply or interpreted in these pages or any correspondence or phone conversation should be construed as an inducement to pay for anything other than time and companionship. Everything that happens between you, the client(s), and the escort(s) of your choice is done with the strict understanding that it is a matter of chance and choice between consenting adults. Any personal information you provide helps us provide you with a prompt and dependable service while also providing extra security for the escort. However, we guarantee that any of those details will be kept strictly confidential and not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances. For more information, please see our privacy policies.
Cash is not only the preferred payment method on the date of your booking. We also accept bank transfers paid directly into our bank account from anywhere in the world. Suppose you have a bank account and access to online banking. In that case, payment will usually reach our account immediately, eliminating the need to carry cash with you even for last-minute bookings. Regular customers frequently open an account with us by prepaying for multiple bookings.
There are no refunds currently offered; nevertheless, you may use your balance for the next booking if you do not meet with our escort.
Our promise
Our escorts will make every effort to be outstanding at all times and to stick to any dress code requirements that you may have.

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